Apple’s iPhone X Plus May Be The First Device To Have The 7nm A12 Chip !

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Apple brought a huge upgrade in CPU performance with their 10nm A11 Bionic Chip compared to the last gen A10 Fusion. However, the upcoming generation will be way better & will have a more Powerful CPU & also a Power Efficient one at the same time. To achieve this goal, Apple will be using the 7nm Process Technology that, will also be seen in the upcoming Snapdragon 855. Though, we already know that even if Qualcomm & Apple both will use the exact same Process Technology, the performance of the Apple CPU will be a lot higher. However, power efficiency might be a different story.

But, Apple may actually be the first in the race to bring the 7nm Process Technology in their products. At least that’s what some reports from the Taiwan Media claim. Apple may get the production ready for their next gen A12 Chips based on the new 7nm Manufacturing Process in the second quarter of 2018 just as we reported earlier. The Chip will be developed by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) & that means TSMC will be scoring a clear goal against Samsung in the manufacturing of 7nm Process Technology.

The first device that is expected to be equipped with the 7nm A12 chip, is the iPhone X Plus that’s expected to house a bigger 6.5 inch Display. However there is also a rumor of a new 6.1 inch iPhone X so, we guess the devices can also be called the iPhone XI Plus (iPhone 11 Plus) & iPhone XI (iPhone 11) anyway. Anyway, we need some more strong evidence to confirm that.

It maybe worth mentioning that the 7nm Snapdragon 855 is probably going to be manufactured by TSMC instead of Samsung so, TSMC is somewhere moving ahead of Samsung in 2018. Also, the performance difference in the upcoming 7nm Exynos Chip & the Snapdragon 855 can be much more than usual. But, we’ll have to see that when they come out.

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