How To Connect Your Android Phone Or Tablet To Wireless Smart TV?

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Connect Your Phone Or Tablet To Wireless Smart TV

In today’s world, wireless technology is improving and evolving day by day allowing us to wirelessly connect. Smart TVs are becoming more and more popular these days, we can now connect our mobile phone to Smart TVs. Whereas some TVs do not have a wireless connection, then you can use HDMI cable, USB ports and such things to connect your device easily. How To Connect Your Android Phone Or Tablet To Wireless Smart TV? Here is the solution to it. These are some of the easiest ways to connect your Android smartphone to your TV.  You should make sure that your TV is smart or it contains the Andriod system then it will work.

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How To Connect Your Android Phone Or Tablet To Wireless Smart TV?

Connect to the TV with wireless casting

Wireless Casting is the process that provides wireless streaming from your phone or tablet. Smartphone apps like AllCast will be able to cast directly to the TV. You will find in all modern Android phones and Windows devices will support the Miracast casting. You just have to simply head to your phone’s Display settings, Then check under Cast, select Enable Wireless Display and Choose your device to pair. So with the help of this, you can easily connect to your phone with TV and cast anything.

Using Google Chromecast

This Chromecast which has the internal hardware and features is to connect to your WiFi network. Google Chromecast has a dongle that you connect to your TV’s HDMI port which helps you to connect to the internet connection. It also gives you the ability to stream videos, images, information, and instructions from your phone to your TV. So all you have to do is download the Google Home app and following the setup and installation instructions then you can finally start streaming on your device.

Using Bluetooth

It will not be going to able to stream data from your phone to your big screen TV, but there are several useful situations of it. Also, you might want to connect to your TV which is hooked up to a better sound system. Whereas, it should be no problem to connect a smart TV with a Bluetooth feature. Bluetooth connection is usually best for audio streaming, If you want to play music on your Home theater.

Using Mirror Casting 

Mirror Cast is the same as Cast screen, It is the best technology innovation, that allows mirroring our smartphone screen to Television. There are some criteria required that both your smartphone and TV must support Miracast, If your TV does not support Miracast then you can use Miracast dongle to connect your TV from your phone. You just have to Go to Settings, Look for screen mirroring / Cast screen / Wireless display option on your phone and choose it for pairing.

Using a Wireless Display Adapter

Wireless display adapters can be used on Smart TVs which allows it to connect with the internet. Firstly, Plug your wireless display adapter into the HDMI port of your TV. After that turn on screen mirroring from the Display menu of your smartphone’s settings app and Pair your devices following which is on-screen.

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