How To Find WiFi Password On Android – Latest and Simple Tricks

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Android didn’t use to let you see saved Wi-Fi passwords, but many people don’t know Andriod offers a lot of unique features. It is the major drawback in andriod that you cannot display the password of a saved Wi-Fi network. If you want that thing in your smartphone then you have to root your android device which is quite tough. So with this solution, you can easily see saved Wi-Fi passwords on Android. So, here are some ways that will help you How To Find WiFi Password On Android – Latest and Simple Tricks.

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Ways To Find WiFi Password On Android?

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is one of the best apps that will help you to show any wifi password. Whereas it doesn’t require any rooted phone or you don’t have to root your phone to use it. Whereas, it also comes with a lot of other useful features like taking backups and restoring. Go to the app store and download it, then the file manager app asks you how to open the selected configuration file select the built-in HTML. Now you will be able to view all the passwords of the connected WiFi networks.

File Explorer App

File Explorer App is the most straightforward way to view the saved WiFi passwords on the rooted Android device. This app works only with the rooted phones which allows you to view system-level files if it has the superuser access to rooted devices.  go to data, select misc, find WiFi location inside the WiFi folder, search and open the file SSID of your WiFi network. Where the corresponding WiFi password under the psk section and then select the WiFi network you have connected to.

Password Recovery App

This app has some of the best method that is easy and straightforward and which you will love to use. You can see the saved WiFi passwords directly without having to do anything just an open password recovery app. Whereas, you will find many recovery apps in the play store which is fully free to install. Just download the app and install, then open the app and then grant superuser permission. In which you will find the WiFi networks you have connected with your device along with their security protocols. Also, after opening it the app will simply display the password of that particular network even it allows you to copy the password and share it. This app is totally free and easy to use which you will love to use which makes your smartphone more Hitech.


You will need root access to be able to find and share the WiFi password also needs root access to your Android to work. First, download and install the Termux app which is also a popular terminal emulator on Android with a rating of 4.4. Then the application loads up to open it, enter the following command $ pkg install termux-tools you will grant Termux root privileges by typing the command, then type $ su. Enter this command to  so device’s WiFi configuration # cat/data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf. Now The password for the WiFi network will be mentioned after the equal.

Amaze File Manager

To Run this application you have to root your phone to find your lost network passwords. Firstly you have to install the app then go into the directory the path, in that go to data then misc and select wifi. In that folder, you will find a file named wpa_supplicant.conf which contains all the networks in the plain text. This method is one of the best ways to find you save wifi password which is also very easy to use.

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