How to Activate Whatsapp Disappearing Messages?

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Activate Whatsapp Disappearing Messages – Whatsapp is a viral and widely-used social media messenger. On your Android and iOS device, once the installation of WhatsApp is completed, you can exchange messages using an active internet connection. On your mobile, Now you can send messages that disappear on WhatsApp by turning the disappearing messages on WhatsApp. The messages sent in the chat will disappear after seven days when this option is turned on or enabled.

Activate Whatsapp Disappearing Messages

By turning on the Disappearing, you can send the messages that disappear on WhatsApp. The Messages sent or received before the disappearing messages are enabled and won’t be affected. Any admin in a group can turn the disappearing messages on or off in the group chat.

Whatsapp Feature:

The Messaging platform introduced a new Disappearing Message feature which allows users to send messages that disappear after a while. Called ‘Disappearing Messages,’ this feature has been in the works for a while now. The feature will be rolling out to users everywhere this month, and you can expect to receive it in the coming months.

The Private conversations were only possible face-to-face can now take place across great distances through instant chats and video calling. Today everything lives forever, and generally, that is okay.

The Most Important points to remember about WhatsApp Disappearing Messages feature:

  • In seven days, if a user does not open WhatsApp, then the message will disappear automatically. The initial message is quoted when you reply to a message.
  • If a disappearing message is forwarded to a chat with disappearing messages off, this message doesn’t disappear in the forwarded chat.
  • Here, the user can also create a backup before a message disappears. This will include the disappearing message in the backup. The Disappearing messages will be deleted when a user restores from a backup.

On your device, you can turn auto-download off in WhatsApp Settings > Data and Storage Usage. You can also check below the step-by-step guide for the users to enable or disable WhatsApp disappearing messages in a group chat.

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How to Activate Whatsapp Disappearing Messages?

On your device, users can activate the disappearing messages for any individual chat. When you enable the feature, the messages you send in that particular chat will automatically disappear after a week. Here the below shows how to activate WhatsApp disappearing messages:

  1. First of all, Launch WhatsApp on your device.
  2. Next, Click on the Chat.
  3. Click on the contact or a group name.
  4. You can observe a new option as ‘Disappearing messages.’ Click on it.
  5. When prompted, click on ‘Continue’ and tap ‘On.’

How to Disable Whatsapp Disappearing Messages?

For a user, When you have enabled the disappearing message, you can disable them at any time. The messages that you send in a chat will no longer disappear after disabling the feature. Here’s how to disable WhatsApp disappearing messages

  1. On your device, Launch WhatsApp on your device
  2. Tap a chat.
  3. Next, click on the group name or contact.
  4. Click on the ‘Disappearing messages’ option.
  5. When prompted, click on ‘Continue’ and tap ‘Off.’

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