How To Add 5 Featured Photos To Facebook Profile (Tutorial)

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Facebook, the social media giant has come out with new changes for the user profiles on mobiles where they will be able to add a looping video as their Facebook profile picture. If you want to make your profile more attractive, just add Facebook featured photos in your profile tab with below steps.

What is Facebook Featured Photos

This is the major change that Facebook rolled out on the user’s profile. There are some major changes that Facebook has introduced so that user’s will be able to grasp one’s identity in a quick manner through biographical information and your photos. Here are the five major changes brought to the user profile.

Note – You Can Set Maximum 5 Photos As Facebook Featured Photos On Your Profile Page. You Can Keep Any Of Your Desired Pictures.

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How To Add Featured Photos Facebook Profile (Step By Step)

1. Open Facebook Application to complete this task (recommended) or Log in to facebook or click here

2. Open your Facebook profile.

3. If you are on Facebook app, you will find some thing like this-

4. Click on “Add Featured Photo” and you will find something like this-

5. Choose photo Facebook albums or you can upload new images to this section from your mobile or computer.

6. After choosing 5 photos, click “Save”.

7. And finally you will find these 5 photos to your Facebook profile (Check My Profile)

You Are All Done!

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  • You can edit this section or these photos any time to update with new photos.
  • Selected Facebook photos will not keep their likes and comments here.
  • These photos are always public because these help others to identify you who you are.

Last words – This tutorial is shared to set your Facebook photos in your Facebook profile. IF you set these Facebook featured photos once, you can change these photos anytime on Facebook. If you have any query about Facebook featured photos, please let us know in comment box below.

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