How to Disable Google Now on Android

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Disable Google Now on Android – For Android and iOS platforms, Google Now is an intelligent personal digital assistant. On the user’s smartphone, Google Now tailors search content and presents it in a concise card-style format. However, fetching the latest data does require constant access to several services such as location and other websites.

Disable Google Now on Android

On your Android devices, Google Now shows the current temperature, nearby places worth visiting, and many more details. Not only that, but it also acts as the normal search engine just in case the user wants to look for something specific. This Google Now may consume considerable battery juice and data space over a period of time. To turn off Google Now on your Android phone or tablet here is a simple method

  1. Click on the Google Search bar on top or open the Google Search app to launch the Google Now interface.
  2. Go to Settings using the Menu button. Next, Disable Google Now by using the Toggle button on the top right.
  3. Then this Google Now should show you the message – Get Google Now.

How to Disable Google Now

Disable Google Now on Android – Android is the system that ensures the highest level of integration with Google Now, and that allows you to take full advantage of its full potential.

How to Disable Google Now Gesture

Do you want to prevent Google Now or the new Google Assistant from automatically activating when you swipe the Home button on your smartphone? First, then open the Settings menu of Android the gear icon that is on the home screen or the screen with the list of all the apps installed on the device), move to the  Applications or App, and press on the gear icon which you find at the top of the screen.

Disable Google Now on Android

When the screen opens, then select the item Default apps, then the Assistance and voice input and set the App service option to None. In this way, by taking a swipe on the Home button nothing will happen again and Google Now will not be activated.

If you use a terminal on which a version of Android with a custom interface is installed, you may need to select slightly different items in the settings menu. If you are using a Huawei device with an EMUI interface, you need to go to the App, activate the Advanced tab, and select the Default settings> Support and voice commands, and set the Assistance app option to None.

Disabling Google Now

You probably signed up to have Google Now when you first set up your phone, so it will feel like an integral part of the operating system, but here the option to disable it isn’t too difficult to find. Next, Scroll down and click on the menu button (three vertical dots), then choose Settings to get at the app’s key options from Google Now.

How to Disable Google Now Voice Commands

If you want to disable the Google Assistant, the evolution of Google Now that allows you to give voice commands to the phone, launch apps, and receive information of any kind from the Internet using your voice (I have spoken in detail in my tutorial on how to activate Google Assistant), start the Google application, presses the ≡ button and go to Settings.

On the screen that opens, presses on the Settings item related to the Google Assistant, go to Phone and move to the of the lever located next to the Google Assistant: doing so you will not be able to call the Google Assistant or within the Google app nor in the launcher of your device (pronouncing the phrase “Ok Google” or doing a swipe on the Home key).

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How to Disable Google Now on iOS

Do not use an Android device but an iPhone or an iPad and would like to know how to disable the Google Now display in the Google app? No problem, you can do this too.

How to Disable Google Now

Start the app of Google on your device, press on your photo placed in the upper left, then go to Feed and turn off the lever related to the Feed function in the screen that opens in this way you will not see the tabs with news of Google Now.

If you also want to disable the voice command function, select Voice search from the settings of the Google app and disable the “Ok Google” Hotword option, saying “Ok Google” may not automatically activate the voice search function within the Google app.

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