How To Find Who Saved Your WhatsApp Number in Contact List [Verified]

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How To Find Out if Someone Has Saved Your WhatsApp Mobile Number or not – Here is another WhatsApp trick for our readers. HowToCrazy readers requests for WhatsApp trick to get WhatsApp verification code online. Some readers also requesting to WhatsApp SMS verification bypass trick. So today I will tell you some hidden WhatsApp mobile number trick. 

Todays WhatsApp became a necessary thing for people to chat with friends with their WhatsApp mobile number. If you want to hack someone WhatsApp account, please read this article about hack someone WhatsApp account without a mobile number. This trick is about how to know who has saved your WhatsApp mobile number or not. So let’s start to find out.

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  •  Firstly, download updated version of WhatsApp from below links –
  • Open your WhatsApp application on Android or iOS device.
  • Create a new broadcast from the top menu.
  • Now add your friends or contacts (also add that person whom you want to find out)
  • Create a broadcast list with any name like – friends or family.
  • Save broadcast list.
  • Now, send a message to this broadcast list (you can send any image, text, joke etc).
  • Wait for sending to all broadcast members. After sending, you can check
  • who received that message by tapping on message or image and select info button from top menus.
  • You will get a list of readers or the message and receivers of the message.
  • Now open a specific contact whom you want to find out that he/she saved your WhatsApp mobile number or not.
  • If he/she received your message (double tick mark) then your WhatsApp  number is saved in his/her contact list and you also find out a sign of broadcast message there (see image below).

Remember – Your specific friend will get your instant message from your side which will be sent directly to their chat, but the broadcast message will be delivered if he/she has saved your WhatsApp number.If he/she doesn’t receive your message even he/she is online, then there is only one single tick mark. Then it is clear that person doesn’t have your WhatsApp number.

  1. Only those person will receive your messages who has saved your WhatsApp number otherwise there will be a single tick mark in their chat.
  2. Broadcast messages have a broadcast sign that is visible to sender only. The receiver simply receives the message ar personal chat if he/she has saved WhatsApp mobile number.
  3. Send a message to the broadcast list and feel free to select one by one friend.

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