How to Fix Gboard Keeps Stopping Issue on the Android?

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Gboard Keeps Stopping – Gboard, Google’s virtual keyboard, is a smartphone and tablet typing app that features glide typing, emoji search, GIFs, Google Translate, handwriting, predictive text, and more. Many Android devices come with a Gboard installed as the default keyboard, but it can add to any Android or iOS device.

Gboard Keeps Stopping

There are different solutions available if the Google Gboard app is not working android phone or tablet. Try the below-given troubleshooting methods to fix the android/Samsung keyboard not working in android, or the Google Keyboard app keeps stopping for android devices.

Gboard Keeps Stopping is a common problem across android and iOS devices that uses Gboard as their primary keyboard. The issue is also common on devices like Xiaomi, Samsung, One plus, and more. Unfortunately, this error is not fixed, and multiple reasons and today can cause the error. We will discuss those issues and how to fix them. Here you can also read about GIF Using Google Gboard.

Reasons for “Gboard Keeps Stopping” Issue

  • Compatibility issue with other Apps.
  • Low Device Space.
  • Bad Gboard Update.

Low Device Space

Like the other app Gboard also requires Device space and RAM for operations and if your device has low storage space or RAM is full, then the Gboard will not function properly and will keep crashing. So the Quick solution for this problem is to free up some space or clear recent apps on your device.

Compatibility Issue with other Apps

This issue most commonly occurs because of the Application you are using Gboard with. To identify this problem, open any other app on your phone and try using Gboard on that app and see if the “Unfortunately Gboard Keeps Stopping” Message popups.

Bad Gboard Update

The problem can also occur due to Bad Gboard update, and to fix this issue, Downgrade your Gboard update or check for any new available update which might have patched the issue. There might be many more reasons for this issue, but the above given are the common problems for Gboard Keeps Crashing popup. In this Topic, You can also read about  How to make custom emojis on android. Below are some of the fixes for this issue.

Fix “Gboard Keeps Stopping”

  • Restart your Device.
  • Clear Data and Cache for Gboard App.
  • Force Stop the application.
  • Downgrade/check for updates.
  • Disable Gboard application.
  • Uninstall the Application.

Check Google Gboard Keyboard Update or Uninstall Gboard keyboard update.

  • Check if any Gboard keyboard update is available on your device using the below settings.
  • Google Play Store > Menu > my apps & games > Updates
  • If available update, update it and check to fix Gboard keeps stopping issues on your android.

Clear the cache & Data of the Gboard app 

  • Go to Settings.
  • Under the device section, tap Apps.
  • Scroll down until you see Gboard & tap it.
  • Tap Storage.
  • Tap Clear cache.

After clear the cache of Gboard in your android device, precise data on Gboard: Settings > Device > Apps > Gboard > Storge > Clear data or Clear storage (Android 10)

Uninstall Gboard keyboard updates

Settings > Device > Apps > Gboard > More > Uninstall update

Force Stop Gboard app to Fix Gboard Keeps Stopping

Settings > Device > Apps > Gboard > Force stop

Deleted and Reinstalled Gboard app to Fix Gboard keeps stopping error.

Google Play Store > Menu > my apps & games > Gboard – The Google keyboard app > Uninstall
After uninstalling the Gboard keyboard app, reinstall again and check typing to fix Gboard has stopped working on android phone or Gboard keeps stopping error.

Enable/Disable Gboard keyboards in android

  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Tap “Languages & input” under the personal section.
  • Tap “Virtual keyboard” on the keyboard & input method.
  • Touch “Manage keyboards.”
  • By default, enable the Gboard keyboard in android phone or tablet device.
  • Turn off the Gboard keyboard.

Now by default, Google voice typing keyboard set.

Factory Reset Android device

It will remove all your phone data, so click here to back up & restore android phone data before performing the below settings. Settings > Personal > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything
Gboard Keeps Stopping
You can also use the Swift key on your android or iOS devices instead of any other keyboard. If none of the above-given methods worked for you, you need to perform a hard reset or factory reset using hardware keys.
That’s all about how to fix Gboard that has stopped working on Android phones or tablets. Also, don’t forget to mention which method worked for you to solved the Android keyboard is not working.

Restart the Android device in safe mode to fix Gboard has stopped on android.

  • Press & hold the power button on your device.
  • Touch & hold the Power off.
  • You can see this message on the screen: Reboot to safe mode.
  • Tap “OK.”

Your device will start in safe mode. You can see the “Safe mode” symbol on the bottom side (Show above screenshot). Now check your device working perfectly in a safe way. If not working, then uninstall one by one recently installed app. After uninstalling the app one by one check, the Gboard is working or not.
If the above given all methods not enough to fix, unfortunately, Gboard has stopped in android error, try below given the last process in your android device.

Uninstall the Application

If you don’t require a Gboard Application and you’re fine with using any other Keyboard App, you can also Uninstall Gboard from your device.
Gboard Keeps Stopping
To Uninstall Gboard App:

  • Go to Settings >> Apps
  • From the Applications list, select “Gboard.”
  • Click on the “Uninstall” button to remove Gboard from your device.

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