How to Fix why Can’t I see YouTube Comments?

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Fix why Can’t I see YouTube Comments – YouTube is a free video-sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. You can even create and upload your own videos to share with others. It’s possible that YouTube comments aren’t showing up due to your internet browser’s cache. If comments are still gone after restarting your browser, you can usually fix the problem by clearing your browser cache

Fix why Can't I see YouTube Comments

How to Fix why Can’t I see YouTube Comments?

Check Internet Connection

This is one of the most basic solutions to most of the glitches and issues on any app on the website. So, first of all, you can check your internet connection to solve the YouTube comments not showing the issue. When an internet connection is not stable or slow, some parts of the website aren’t loaded and this might also be the case here.

You can try restarting your WiFi router, and if you use an ethernet connection, try unplugging and plugging the cable again. Also, if you are using the YouTube app on your smartphone with mobile data, try switching to Wi-Fi to see if that helps.

Open Video in Incognito Mode

‘Sometimes, there is some issue with a particular account and for that account, the comments do not show up. If you are accessing YouTube through your phone or a personal laptop, you might be logged in with your Google Account, and if there is an issue with your account, the comments may not show up. So, you can try playing the video in YouTube incognito mode or open an incognito window on your browser.

with Different Google Account

If you want to check if the issue is really with your Google Account, instead of using an incognito window, you can sign in on YouTube with a different Google account. After that, open the same video to see if the comments are now appearing. If you see the comments, it is confirmed that the issue is with your account. You can also try logging in to the same account on a different device to see if the comments show up.

Fix why Can’t see YouTube Comments – Clear Cookies and Cached Data

The website cookies and app cache data build up when we rigorously use an app or website. This cached data may also cause an issue while displaying some parts of a website. So, you may also try clearing cookies on the website and cached data of the YouTube app to see if that works for you. You should anyways do this from time to time.

Fix why Can't I see YouTube Comments

On the YouTube app, go to your phone’s Settings, then Applications, and find the YouTube app. Tap on the ‘Clear Cache’ under the ‘Storage and Cache’ section.

On YouTube web, open the browser Settings and scroll to Privacy and Security. From there, you can click on Clear Browsing Data, and under the ‘Advanced’ tab, select the boxes next to Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files and click ‘Clear data’.

Disable Adblocker and Other Extensions

An ad blocker can restrict certain elements of a site that are presumably ads. Nonetheless, sometimes it can malfunction and unintentionally interfere with features of a site, even causing the YouTube comments not to load correctly. This goes for other add-ons/extensions as well, even if they’re not set for YouTube.

That being said, we suggest temporarily disabling your web browser extensions, plugins, or any other add-ons to check if that’s the cause.

a. For Google Chrome(Windows):

For starters, click the 3 dots at the upper right, hover over More tools, and select Extensions.

At this Extensions page, under the extension, you wish to disable, turn the switch off.

b. For Safari (macOS):

  1. With Safari open, from the Menu Bar, click Safari and select “Preferences…”.
  2. At this next window, select Extensions from the top bar.
  3. To disable a Safari extension, uncheck the box next to the extension.

Once you’ve disabled the Adblocker or any other extension, check if the YouTube comments are loading up again. If so, you can even delete the extension by clicking Remove (Google Chrome) or Uninstall (Safari), and possibly find a better alternative that is less intruding.

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Try Different Browser and Video

Sometimes, it’s just your browser that might be the issue for YouTube comments not showing on a video. You can verify this by using a different browser on your PC, watching the same video, and seeing if the comments section shows up.

One more thing, if YouTube comments are not showing up under a specific video, try playing a different video to see if the comments are there. Also, try that different video from a different channel. It may happen because that video uploader or channel could have blocked or banned you from viewing and making comments. In such a case, you cannot do anything unless the channel itself unblocks you.

Clear Youtube App Cache and App Data (For Android and IOS / iPhone)

Similar to the previous step, if you’re facing the “YouTube comments not showing” error on the mobile app, we suggest clearing the app cache or data. Even on the mobile app, removing the YouTube app cache is among the most effective fixes to these technical problems.

If you’re using an IOS device, unfortunately, there is no way of directly clearing the YouTube app cache or data. Hence, we suggest reinstalling the YouTube app on your phone. Of course, this method is more effective in removing app data and fixing various app issues, since you’re deleting all the files. So if you’re on Android, feel free to do this as well.

  1. To do this, completely uninstall the YouTube app and install a fresh new version from the App Store.
  2. For Android devices, you can clear the YouTube app cache through the App Info section of the Settings app:
  3. Firstly, open the Settings app, select Apps & notifications, and from the list of apps, select YouTube. At this App Info page, select Storage, and from there, you can choose Clear Data and Clear Cache to delete the inessential app data.

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