How to Improve Battery Life by Limiting Multitasking on Android Phones?

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How to Improve Battery Life on Android phones – If you observe any of the apps are using too much power, you can stop them from operating in the background. From either the “Battery usage” or “Show full device usage” list, tap on the app you’re interested in. Look for “Background restriction.”How to Improve Battery Life on Android phones

Smartphones are mostly needed nowadays, so now it’s all about other aspects such as the battery life of smartphones. On this device, we can play games, watch videos, browse social media, chat with friends, pick up emails, manage appointments, navigate to destinations, and more – on increasingly bigger and higher-resolution screens to last all day probably feels like an impossibility. Despite chip makers and software vendors optimize their wares for extension of battery life, the simple fact is we use our phones more than we have ever done before.

Charging is improving, faster, and more convenient, but phone batteries themselves aren’t lasting anymore. But you will be able to make some adjustments here and there to assist you to squeeze out every last bit of juice, and together they may just help your phone to stay going as long as you do. Here are some of our tips to extend smartphone battery life, without making your phone unusable.

What is Multi-Tasking in Android

A multitasking operating system can run more than one program or app simultaneously. To do multitasking the OS must manage how the instructions and processes are handled in the microprocessor, and how their data is stored in the main memory. for example using a single WhatsApp account, Instagram, photos, etc at a time.

How to Improve Battery Life on Android Phones

How to Improve Battery Life on Android phones – Google Android is a big bundle of features & services all rolled together with a very effective and efficient mobile management system and it is not just any other mobile operating system. For Google, Android Multitasking is one of the key areas of interest as it allows the application to work in the background without any lag for effective multitasking or simply allows users to work on multiple applications and allows them to switch between
By using too many applications in the background may lead to reduce battery life & poor performance as well. The solution is to limit the number of applications that run in the background for better battery life and performance as well.

The following steps show how you can limit multitasking or applications running in the background on your Android device.

  • First, locate the Applications home key and enter the applications page on your Android device.

How to Improve Battery Life on Android phones

  • Locate the settings icon Once the application’s home screen opens then enter it.
  • Then this device opens the linked settings tab. Here all the settings associated with the device can be located and tweaked. From the options and menus locate the developer’s options tab and select and enter it.

How to Improve Battery Life on Android phones

  • The developer’s options tab is where all the critical settings of your device are kept to make sure you do not change any other values. Next scroll down to the Background process limit tab.

How to Improve Battery Life on Android phones

  • After that, you can observe that Android by default is set to the standard limit. You can now change the settings to the number of apps you want running in the background on your device. Normally, for balance it is better to have 2 to 3 applications running in the background.

How to Improve Battery Life on Android phones

  • Once if you have checked the option your device will no longer be running multiple tasks in the background. Then Next restart the device for changes.

Battery Saving Tips (all OS)

  1. Visit mobile sites where possible
    Usually, mobile versions of the internet on android are less graphic intensive, requiring fewer processors to display them and consequently less battery power. If your phone has the choice to default to mobile sites, then turn this on.
  2. Don’t cover the light sensor
    Normally all mobile phones have a light sensor, which is usually located at the top of the phone. This automatically adjusts the brightness of your screen. To avoid extra battery usage,  make sure the sensor was not covered by anything
  3. Turn off your Mobile phone before removing the battery
    Always power off your phone before removing the battery. If it Fails this may lead to damage to the battery
  4. Use a wall charger where possible
    If you having the choice of charging from a computer via a USB cable or a wall charger, always choose the wall charger. Not only is it faster, but the charge will last longer
  5. Disable/remove active widgets
    Widgets that are constantly running on the home screens consume battery power. If you don’t Use them turns them off or remove them.
  6. Manage your power and battery life better – A useful feature is the ability to manage your power settings. Simply go to the Settings menu and press Power Saving.

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