How to Recover Deleted Phone Numbers?

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Recover Deleted Phone Numbers – Using Google Account to restore your contacts on an Android device. Most likely, your Android device is synced to your Google account.

How to Recover Deleted Phone Numbers?


The Google account has an option to back up your contacts, and simply by re-syncing your device with the Gmail account, you will get all of your contacts back.

Check the Hidden Contacts to Retrieve Phone Numbers

When you cannot find the contact on your Mobile, the first thing you need to do is not find a method to get them back, but check if they are really gone. For that, there is a possibility that the contact is just hidden but not deleted, and you cannot see them on the phone.

Recover Deleted Phone Numbers


The below steps can show how to check the hidden contacts

  • Tap the Contacts app on your phone.
  • On the Top-Right corner, Choose the menu button of the screen and then go to the Contacts to display options.
  • Select All the contacts.
  • Next step, Go back to check if it would display the contacts you are looking for.
  • Unfortunately, the contacts are still not found, which means that they are deleted or lost.

Reasons For Deleted Or Lost Phone Numbers From Android Device

Before we get into the solutions about retrieving deleted phone numbers, let’s check for the reasons for deleted phone numbers on Android.

  • Lost your phone
  • Android device full formatted
  • By mistake or accidentally deleted the phone numbers
  • Android phone is broken or damaged
  • Malware or viruses effected
  • Lost your SIM card

Check If the Contacts Have Really Lost

On your android phone, When you can’t see any contacts, you may think that you have lost them completely. If you own a device with Android 4x, such as Android 4.4, please check if the contacts have really gone or not before you take any action to recover the data back on your Android. Just follow the below steps to confirm:

  • Go to “Contacts” on your phone.
  • Tap on the menu button on the top-right corner of the screen and choose the “Contacts to display” option.
  • Next, select the  “All contacts” & check if they would display the contacts you are looking for.

Get Back Deleted Phone Numbers with the Help of a SIM card.

It is discussed how to retrieve deleted phone numbers on Android with the help of a Google Account. Similarly, the other and the most convenient way to get back deleted phone numbers with the help of a SIM card.

You can easily get them back on your Android device if you have the habit of backing up your contacts in the SIM card and copying your contacts from SIM card to Android phone.

Recover Deleted Phone Numbers

This will definitely help you to restore all the deleted or lost phone numbers from your Android device. And this is one of the easiest and simple methods for retrieving deleted phone numbers on Android.

Recover the Phone Numbers from Samsung Account

If you have backed up phone numbers with your Samsung account, you can, of course, restore those lost contents by using the account. So it is pretty simple to deal with it. Now, let’s check it out below. Here we can also find how to fix the Samsung account.

Recover Deleted Phone Numbers

  • On your Samsung screen First, go to “Apps > Settings.”
  • Scroll down and find out the “Backup and reset” option.
  • Tap on “Restore” under the Samsung account menu.
  • Now, you can see the backed-up contents such as messages, phone logs, and more that you have used by the account.
  • Next, choose the data you want to get back and tap on the “RESTORE NOW” on the bottom.

Recover Contacts from Gmail Backup

As you can back up your data, such as contacts from Android to your Google Account, you can, of cause restore the data from it. But it would help if you made sure that “Back up and sync” is on to backup data automatically to Google Account. So now, please check the guide below to restore contacts from Google Account:

  • To recover the Gmail contacts, please sign in to your Gmail account and then go to your inbox. Here we can also find out how to recover gmail account
  • From the dropdown menu, choose the “Contacts” on the left pane. Next, click on the “More > Restore contacts…” whether you can see the list of your contacts or not.
  • On the pop-up window, you can restore the contracts within 30 days. Choose the date and then click “Restore.”

How to Retrieve Deleted Phone Numbers from Phone without Root

Most Android data recovery tools need you to root your device and get deleted files back. Your phone may face many risks after rooting, data loss, the phone gets bricked, virus attacks, etc.

Recover Deleted Phone Numbers

Therefore, Android phone data recovery without rooting is significant for every phone user. And DroidKit is such a tool that can help you recover deleted contacts without rooting your device. So DroidKit is a pro for you to save your data from various phone problems.

Not only the contacts, but you can also recover the lost photos, messages, WhatsApp, etc. Besides, if you would like to retrieve deleted phone numbers from your SIM card or restore saved contacts from your Google account, you can also use DroidKit.

Recover Deleted Phone Numbers

Now, you can get the latest version of DroidKit on your Mac or Windows PC. And follow the simple steps below to recover deleted phone numbers without root.

  1. Launch DroidKit > Move your mouse on Recover Lost Data and click Quick Recovery from Device. Under Quick Recovery mode, DroidKit also provides you a deep recovery mode to get the highest privilege to recover.
  2. Check data type and tap on Start to scan data on your Android device. You can scan all data or only check Contacts.
  3. Connect your phone with the computer and head to the Start button to continue.
  4. After this, the DroidKit will scan the data you choose to recover. Once finished, select the phone numbers and contact information > Click To Device or PC.
  5. Confirm the formats you want to recover. Contacts support .csv and .vcf.
  6.  Wait a minute, and you will see the Recovered Successfully page. You can get back the deleted phone numbers on your device or computer now.

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