How to Share PC’s Internet Connection with Android Phones?

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PC’s Internet Connection- The process of sharing mobile internet on pc or laptop is called Internet Tethering. By using your mobile data on your pc you can share the internet on your PC or laptop by connecting your phone via USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.
How to Share PC’s Internet Connection
 Therefore you can connect or share the internet using the three methods mentioned above. Based on this tethering is of 3 types.

  • USB Tethering
  • Bluetooth Tethering
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Tethering

1. Open The Settings Dashboard

Click the shortcut Windows + S and type Settings in the Windows search bar. Click Settings once the option comes up.

2. Setup Hotspot

  • Click Network & Internet, typically found on the menu.
  • Click the Mobile Hotspot menu.
  • By clicking the toggle button, Switch on the PC hotspot connectivity.
  • Note your computer’s SSID (Network Name and Password) located directly below the toggle button. For easy identification, you may rename it by clicking the Edit button before proceeding to the next step.

3. Connect To the Hotspot

  • Android  – By swiping down on your screen access the Wifi shortcut by swiping down on your screen. To access available hotspot networks Long-press the Wi-Fi icon, locate and tap the PC hotspot’s name, and enter the wifi Password on Android to connect.
  • iPhone  – Open phone settings, tap Wi-Fi, locate the PC hotspot’s name, enter the password, and tap Join.

USB Tethering

Connecting your mobile phone to a PC or laptop via USB is looks like an old method. But wired connections are faster than wireless. For Data Sharing Usually, we connect mobile to PC via USB but it can be used for internet sharing as well.
What do you need?

  • A USB Drive
  • Mobile phone having internet access
  • And PC or Laptop

How to Share the PC’s Internet Connection Mobile Internet to Desktop Via USB Cable

Steps to Follow

  • First Connect your PC/laptop by using the USB cable to your phone.

How to Share PC’s Internet Connection

  • Go to the Setting > Network & Internet > Hotspot & Tethering > Bluetooth tethering. Turn ON this setting
  • Open Settings and Click on the hotspot and tethering. Turn on the USB tethering.

Bluetooth Tethering

Bluetooth has always been an option for sharing data and the internet. Today, Bluetooth is even faster with technological advancement. Today, Bluetooth 5.0 can transfer data with a speed of up to 2Mbps and cover distances of up to 800 feet. The speed you will get from Bluetooth is not very impressive compared to the Wi-Fi hotspot but it can save your battery life for sure. Here is the simplest way to share the internet from smartphone to desktop/laptop via Bluetooth.

How to Share the PC’s Internet Connection to PC from the Mobile via Bluetooth? – Bluetooth Tethering

What do you need?

  • An Android phone with a data pack (Internet access) with Android 4.0 and above as Bluetooth tethering was introduced after this version.
  • A PC or Laptop with Bluetooth support or USB Bluetooth with a driver.

The Below steps show how to do Bluetooth Tethering

Step 1 – Go to the main settings on your smartphone and try to find Bluetooth tethering. You may find it in more on the Setting > Portable Hotspot or tethering and hotspot setting. It varies on which smartphone you are using.
Go to Bluetooth Tethering Setting.How to Share PC’s Internet Connection

Step 2 – In your Smartphone turn on the Bluetooth tethering and don’t forget to turn on the data pack. This will allow your phone to share your data pack connection to a PC or laptop.

Step 3 – Make sure your computer has Bluetooth support if facing an issue check the complete guide to how to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10.

  • Add a Bluetooth Device
  • In your computer, go to the bottom-right corner and look for the Bluetooth icon and Right-click and select Add a Bluetooth device

Step 4 – Select Add Bluetooth or other devices in Bluetooth & other devices, then select Bluetooth. Add Bluetooth or other devices & then select Bluetooth. Now Pair your Smartphone with Windows, accepts it on your PC as well as in your Smartphone.

  • Select Join Personal Area Network

Step 5 – Once paired go back to the Bluetooth icon at the bottom and select join Personal Area Network.

  • Select Access point

Step 6 – Next look for your device and right-click on it then select connect using option and select the Access point.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Tethering

If you have Laptop this is one of the most popular methods. You can create a private network with this and access the internet using a password. Nowadays, people use portable hotspots to share the internet with any device or even a PC or laptop.
But the drawback is PC needs a network card to access the Wi-Fi and also providing a hotspot with your smartphone consumes battery a lot. If you have a laptop that has wifi or a PC with a network card then this method is so easy.
What do you need?

    1. Laptop or PC with network card
    2. Android Mobile with Mobile Internet

How to Share the  Mobile Internet to PC Using the WiFi

Step 1 – Turn on the wifi hotspot & check the user name & WIFI Password. In the phone go to the Settings > Network & Internet > Hotspot & Tethering > Wi-Fi Hotspot > Turn it ON.

How to Share PC’s Internet Connection

Step 2 – Next Note down and save your network name and click on the Password to see the password.

Step 3 – On your Pc or Laptop Go to settings & Open Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Show Available Networks > Connect with the mobile network using the same password as you have seen on mobile.
Or Go to the Right-hand bottom corner and click on Wi-Fi Sign to see available networks and connect. This is how to share the internet from mobile to PC.

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