How to Solve Wi-Fi Keeps Turning on Android?

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Solve Wi-Fi Keeps Turning on Android – You may find that the Wi-Fi on your Android phone turns on automatically when you’re near strong or known networks, and here we’re going to show you how to stop your phone from doing this. By default, your Android phone may be turning on automatically when you’re near one of your saved networks, but you may not always want this.

Solve Wi-Fi Keeps Turning on Android

The Reason Behind WiFi Turning on Automatically on Android

Google came up with a ‘WiFi wakeup feature that connects your Android device to your WiFi network. This feature came with Google’s pixel and pixel XL devices and later with all the latest Android versions. The WiFi wakeup feature works by scanning the area for nearby networks with strong signals. If your device is able to catch a strong WiFi signal, which you may generally connect to on your device, it will automatically turn on your WIFi.

The reason behind this feature was to prevent unnecessary data usage. For example, when you head out of the house, you may be using your mobile data. But, once you enter your home, this feature automatically detects and connects your device to your WiFi network to prevent excess data usage.

How to Stop WiFi Turn-On Automatically on Android

If you are not a fan of the WiFi wakeup feature, then you can follow these steps to disable WiFi turning on automatically on your Android device.

  • Head to the Settings of your device.
  • Open Network and internet settings. This option may vary from phone to phone.
  • On some devices, this option will display as Connections or Wi-Fi.
  • Open the Wi-Fi section. Scroll down and tap on the Advanced option.
  • In the advanced section, turn off the toggle for the option ‘Turn On WiFi Automatically’ or ‘Scanning always available’ depending upon your phone.

That’s it; your Android phone will no longer connect with your WiFi network automatically.

Steps to Stop Wifi to Turn on Automatically on Android

  1. Unlock your smartphone and go into Settings.
  2. Now tap the Network and Internet settings and then go to Wifi.
  3. Tap on the Wi-Fi preferences features from the bottom of the page.
  4. On the Wi-Fi preferences page, you will see the Turn on Wi-Fi automatically toggle on the top of the page.
  5. Turn that feature off and it won’t turn on the Wi-Fi again on its own.

While you are on that page, you might as well turn off the Connect to open network toggle. Connecting to the unknown open is a risk for your privacy so make sure you do not connect to unknown open networks.

If your Android phone is frequently disconnecting from a WiFi network or a WiFi hotspot, it could be due to issues with the router, the hotspot device, or your phone itself. Below, we’ve mentioned a detailed guide for you to troubleshoot and fix WiFi connectivity issues on any Android device.

Fix WiFi Dis­con­nect­ing and Recon­nect­ing Issue on Android Phone

1. Restart Your Phone

The WiFi connectivity issue can occur due to temporary glitches or bugs within the phone’s firmware. So, restart your phone as a basic fix. Then, check if the WiFi is working properly. If not, proceed with the steps below.

2. Forget and Re-connect to the Network

The other way around is to forget and reconnect to the WiFi network. This will delete the WiFi network from your phone, including the saved password. You can later reconnect to it to see if the issue gets fixed. To do so

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Go to Network & Internet and select WiFi.
  • Here, tap the WiFi network you’re having issues with.
  • If you’re not connected to the network, you can find it under “Saved Networks.”
  • Click on Forget.
  • Now, reconnect with the network by entering the password.

3. Reboot the Router

Rebooting network hardware corrects network and internet issues most of the time. Hence, we’ll recommend rebooting your router once to check if the problem persists. The instructions to reboot are usually given in the router’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

The usual way is to unplug both the modem and router and wait for about 30 seconds. Then, plug the modem back in, followed by the router after 2 minutes. Give it some time to start and check if the problem has gone away.

4. Check our Router’s Range

Does your phone automatically disconnect and reconnect to the WiFi network while you’re roaming around the house? It could be due to range issues. So, check the range of your router and whether it properly covers the area.

The 5GHz band, in general, will give you superior connection speeds. However, it’s inferior to the traditional 2.4GHz band when it comes to the connectivity range. So, try switching to 2.4GHz if you think there are range issues with the network.

5. Check Recently Installed Apps

Is one of the recently installed apps interfering with your connection? Check if you installed any firewall, VPN, or connection booster apps on your phone. If yes, try removing them to see if it helps.

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