How to Upload YouTube Videos Using E-mail?

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Upload YouTube Videos Using E-mail –  Although the YouTube application allows users to record and upload videos to their YouTube accounts right from within the application, it is harder to upload older or prerecorded videos, especially mobile phones and tablets.

Upload YouTube Videos Using E-mail

Of course, you can make use of third-party YouTube uploaders, but why share your important login information with a third-party source when you do not even need to log in to upload your videos on YouTube.

How to Upload Videos to YouTube Using Email?

To upload videos to youtube, there are three easy ways. The First way is by ‘Uploading videos to YouTube from your web browser .’ The second way is ‘Uploading to YouTube from your mobile phone via email .’ The third way is ‘Uploading to YouTube via Email.’ If you want to upload videos to YouTube using email, you need to find out the special email address provided with your YouTube account.

To find your email address, log in to your YouTube account from the web browser and go to the ‘YouTube Settings”. Here, you will see the email address located under “Mobile Uploads.” If you don’t see an email address, click the ‘Create Mobile Profile’ button and enter the required information. Click the ‘Create Profile’ button to create an email address.

Here are the steps to Upload Videos:

To Upload YouTube Videos Using E-mail

  1. Start your desktop computer.
  2. Go to & sign in to your account. Create a new one If you don’t have an account.
  3. Once when  you have signed in to YouTube, then Go to the ‘YouTube Settings.’
  4. An “Account Information” page opens up.
  5. Under Account Information, You will see “Mobile Uploads” located.
  6. Here you can observe an email address that looks like “****”
  7. Copy your email address listed on this page.
  8. After that, open the email client and then compose a new message.
  9. Paste the email address in the “To:” field.
  10. As an Attachment, add the video to be uploaded.
  11. Click the “Send” button.
  12. This is how you can upload videos to YouTube using email.

How to Upload Videos to YouTube Using Email?

The below steps show how you can upload videos to YouTube by simply sending an email message from any email account, including the video as an attachment.

Since email is available on all devices and platforms, this method applies to all tablets and smartphones.

Steps to be followed

  • Login to your YouTube account and access the YouTube profile from the page on your computer or device. It was usually located on the upper right-hand side of the page.

Upload YouTube Videos Using E-mail

  • Once the Profile menu opens, select the YouTube settings option to proceed further.

Upload YouTube Videos Using E-mail

  • Select the overview tab From the next screen, and let the page open. Once the page opens, there you will find the mobile uploads option on the page. Right in front of that, there will be an email id with some characters followed by; take a note of that email id.

Upload YouTube Videos Using E-mail

  • Locate the prerecorded video On your mobile phone or tablet from the device using the file manager application. You can download a file manager from the Google Play store if you do not have one.

Upload YouTube Videos Using E-mail

  • Press and hold the video file to create a prompt from the prompt, select Gmail or other pre-configured emails as the option.
  • The following screen will open up in the form of the email compose window; make sure the video is there as an attachment in the email. If not, then repeat steps 4-5. Once done, enter the email ID that you noted earlier in the ‘to’ field.

Upload YouTube Videos Using E-mail

  • You can see the video in your YouTube video manager and are ready to edit the details and description of the video to refine it further.

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