How to Use External SD card as Internal Memory on your Android Phone?

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How to Use the External SD card as Internal Memory – Mostly, Android phones come with loads of storage space, but unfortunately, they don’t meet the ever-increasing everyday storage demands. The solution for this problem can be solved by using SD cards as an alternative means of storage on your Android mobile device.

These Android phones have an in-built feature known as Adoptable Storage, which enables users to add an extra layer of storage space for music, pictures, videos, files, and so on.

How to use SD cards as Internal Memory Storage on Android Devices?

The configuration process which converts your SD card to permanent internal storage is quite simple, and in easy steps, you will be done. By design, your mobile phone will wipe off (format) all the pre-existing data on the SD card, ensure that you have all the data on it backed up somewhere. here we can also observe how to fix the android battery drain

If your Android device doesn’t support the Adoptable Storage feature, then it means you’re still running on the version of Android lower than Android 6.0, or the manufacturer of your phone disabled it. For example,Samsung has disabled the adoptable storage feature, even in their recent phone models.

Follow the steps below to configure your SD card on your Android device

  1. First, on your Phone, Check for an SD port which is usually behind the battery or by the side of your phone. Next, insert your SD card properly into the port, and wait for the detection notification on your phone.
  2. Go to settings and find the storage segment.
  3. You should find the name of the SD when the phone detects the SD card here. Then, click on the SD card name.
  4. Check the top right corner of the screen, and you’ll find three vertical dots &Tap on these dots.
  5. From the list of provided options Click on the Storage settings.
  6. Click on the ”Format as internal” option
  7. Next, click on the  ”Erase and Format”
  8. If it is slow, You’ll receive a notification on the speed of your SD card.
  9. This will provide you with the option to move all your data to the access SD card immediately or do it later.
  10. You’re done with the configuration process! Tap ”Done.”

After completing this process, you have successfully converted your SD card/ external storage to your phone’s internal storage. Now you can save as many files as you want.

Note: SD cards come in various sizes (4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and higher).

What To Do Before You Convert Your MicroSD Card to an Internal Memory Source

  • How to Use External SD card as Internal Memory – Remember to save all files on the memory card on your computer beforehand because, during the formatting process, & all of the data will be deleted. Then, insert your micro SD card in the corresponding slot on your computer, using an adapter if necessary, and move the files to your hard drive, cloud storage, or external drive.
  • Just want to read the card? Some SD memory cards or the microSD adapter have a side tab to protect them from writing. If you want to modify the memory card files, change the tab’s position to unlock it.
  • If your PC does not recognize the card, you may have disconnected your card during writing. In this case, you can try to recover your files with tools such as Recuva, Restoration, or Undelete Plus. In addition, you can choose to format your SD card directly from your Android if the files are not important, as indicated below.
  • Ensure that formatting an SD card as internal storage is ideal for storing your applications, photos, videos, and documents. However, since it works as internal storage, your microSD card needs to be inserted into your phone for the applications to work properly. Otherwise, your device may fail.

How to Convert the SD Card to an Internal Memory Source

This process is straightforward and can vary depending on your Android phone model. To start, go to Settings or Configuration and select Storage. If you can’t find it on the menu, type Storage in the search panel.

  • You will see your SD card in the Portable Storage section on some Phones. Click on it and then select Storage Settings.
  • In the new window, you will see your memory card information. Select the option Format as internal and confirm by tapping Erase & Format > OK.
  • Click on the 3 little dots icon in the upper-right corner on other phone models, then click on Storage Settings. Next, select your SD card and click Format. In the new window, click on Format memory card to confirm.

For your applications and your media content you can also change the storage settings.

How to Move an Application To the SD Card

On your Device, Search for the Settings icon  > Applications and choose the app you want. Then click on Storage > Change, and in the Change Storage Location window, select Memory Card > OK, and you’re done!

How to Store Your Photos On the SD Card

Open your Android camera and select the Settings icon on the top left. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the menu, click on Store, and checkmark the Memory Card. From this moment on your SD card; all photos and videos will be saved

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