How to use Instagram Superzoom Feature?

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Instagram Superzoom Feature – This Superzoom mode in Instagram Stories allows you to add different effects to your shots as the camera automatically zooms in on your main subject. The Superzoom feature lives inside the camera on the Instagram app.

Instagram Superzoom Feature

By swiping along the bottom of the screen among the camera options you can access. Just press and hold the shutter button, to use this feature. Then the camera will automatically zoom in, complete with dramatic sound effects.

Where do you find the Superzoom?

Once, on your device, When you open your Instagram camera, scroll past Text, Live, Boomerang and then you will find the Superzoom feature. To select your style, click the musical note icon: Dramatic, TV Show, Bounce, or Beats, and then click on record.

How to Use the Instagram Superzoom Feature?

To add a little bit of spookiness Instagram recently released a new update with an interesting-looking ‘Superzoom’ feature. Here, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing service also introduced a bunch of ghostly features. Although it is simple to get along these new features, here the below shows a step-by-step process and how to use it.

  • Make sure you are on the latest version of Instagram. This update has been introduced for both Android and iOS.
  • To get the camera screen, simply tap that little ‘camera’ icon on the top left corner or swipe left from your Instagram feed.
  • In between the Boomerang and Rewind options, you have a new Superzoom toggle.
  • Next, by tapping the Superzoom will ‘Zoom-in’ with adequate music in the background making the whole video perfect for your Halloween story.
  • From there, everything is down to your creativity.
  • You just tap on the face icon for the filters, when you are in the ‘Story’ section and Instagram will pop up a bunch of spooky filters.
  • These days Instagram has introduced a fun new feature called Superzoom and it records a video of you zooming slowly into someone’s face.

Instagram Superzoom Feature

1. Open Instagram

On your iPhone or Android phone, open the Instagram app, and then swipe right across the screen. This is the quickest and easy way to get to the camera application.

2. Find Superzoom

Choose the Superzoom option. If you have the latest version it should be selected by default  Instagram installed. If you cannot find it, just scroll through the menu options at the bottom until you find it.

3. Start zooming

Now point the camera at someone’s face and starts super zooming. Instagram will slowly move the camera closer and closer to your subject’s face until it’s creepily close. To share it with friends, it creates a video of the slow creep in toward your face.
How to Use the Instagram Superzoom on iOS and Android  

Instagram has brought a ton of new features in the past few months and well, a brand new feature dubbed “Superzoom” has made its way to Instagram. The Superzoom features are integrated within the in-app camera and it’s one of the most fun Instagram features.

This feature allows you to record crisp videos of the camera zooming in on someone’s face or any other object with suspenseful music playing in the background by default.

Use Instagram Superzoom Feature on Android or iOS

There are some steps that you need to follow to make a Superzoom video and share it with your friends If you are in the mood for some fun and want to make your friends laugh at stuttering zoom videos.

  • First, Open the Instagram app and click on the “camera” icon at the top left.
  • You can now swipe the recording options available at the bottom to find the new “Superzoom” feature sitting between the Boomerang and Rewind under the shutter button.
  • Now, to post your Instagram story, you need to tap on the circular ‘shutter’ button to automatically record a 3-second Superzoom video.
  • Now you can select between two options, either share the Superzoom video with your followers by adding it to your Story or send it as a Direct Message to your friends. You are also free to save the same to upload it elsewhere, also as a GIF.

While it is welcoming to see Instagram debut a new creative format, you can also still create zooming videos without the Superzoom feature. This video will be zoomed in but the stutter effect and suspenseful music may be missing from it.


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