How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos?

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How to Watch Deleted Youtube videos – For video creators, YouTube is one of the most popular platforms in social media. On YouTube, approximately 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute. Nearly a million creators are present on YouTube who post their work daily. It is one of the social media because it is easier to monetize your content than any other social media network. The other reason for choosing this platform is that it has a huge audience.How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

Most of the time creators make a video with a lot of effort but then Youtube deletes their video suddenly for that creators feel a lot of Frustrations. This causes a lot of problems to creators as many do not know how to watch deleted YouTube videos. The creators put a lot of effort into making a video but then end up not having access to their own video at sometimes.

How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

Can I Watch Deleted Video on YouTube?

There are some methods to how you can watch a YouTube video that is not available anymore. Even if you see the message “We are sorry, this video is no longer available” on your screen, YouTube database administrators rarely use the delete function in most videos. This enables you to retrieve the deleted YouTube videos they use the Hide function

To watch the Deleted youtube videos there are some methods to help you that include how to watch deleted YouTube videos with URLs, without a link, and even how to download deleted videos from data recovery, software, etc..,.

Why Does YouTube or Creator Delete Video?

  • Private Video: This Private Video option is available for channel owners who prefer not to remove the videos from the YouTube platform. By choosing to make them private, the videos are no longer publicly accessible to the subscribers or other viewers. However, the videos are available to the owners if need be.
  • Inappropriate Content: At sometimes, YouTubers may upload videos that are inappropriate or break the YouTube rules and regulations. This may lead to the video being deleted.
  • Copyright Claim: Copyright claims happen when the video uploaded is not originally owned by the YouTuber. When the real owner files a claim, the video will usually be removed.
  • Owner Removes the Video: YouTube channels from time to time will delete their own videos. The reason being they either want to share a better version of the original video, or the video angered subscribers or the YouTube community. What’s more, there is a copyright claim or the channel closed down.

Here we are discussing the various ways by which you can see a Youtube video that is deleted. You can easily use these methods to obtain your video back. Let us now look at these methods by which you can get your videos back.

How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

1.  Recover Using The Internet Archive

How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos – This is one of the most popular methods to recover your Youtube videos. The Wayback Machine is the name of the internet archiving system. In the year 1996, it was started and has been storing every data uploaded on the internet. You can turn to the Wayback machine to get your files when your data is deleted or lost anything.

Wayback machine can definitely help you if you are a Youtube creator and your video has been deleted. I found the Wayback machine very useful. The below procedure shows the process

  • In the First step, you need to obtain the URL of your deleted video.

How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

  • You can get this link in the places you have shared or in the History.

How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

  • Then go to the archive website and then paste the Youtube video URL in the search bar.
  • After that press the return.
  • You will be able to find your video, you should download it right away and maintain a backup.

2.  Obtaining the Video Using Link Modification

If the YouTube videos are deleted by others, and you still keep the URLs in bookmarks, is the tool that can help you definitely. A useful internet feature is, which stores the videos uploaded previously. When you cannot find your YouTube videos, it is a simple option to find the deleted YouTube videos.

  • First Access your YouTube account that you used to upload videos previously. Find the information about deleted YouTube videos, such as URL.
  • Open a new tab, type “” into the address bar of your browser, and click the “Enter “ key to open the website.
  • Copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video that you want to recover into the box next to the “Way Back Machine” logo.
  • Click on the “BROWSE HISTORY” button.
  • Then will show you video upload history where you can find deleted YouTube videos. Then you can recover deleted YouTube videos and upload or watch them normally.

How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

3.  Use Third-Party Software

Here we are discussing how you can Recover YouTube videos by using software called Recoverit. This Recoverit is used for recovering Youtube videos & other files. In this section, By using Recoverit you can understand how to watch deleted Youtube videos.

  1. In the first step, choose the location where the video is lost.

How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

  • After that go on to scan the files in that region.

How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

  • You can able to view the lost files and also have an option to restore them.

To get your Youtube Video this is the other method.

4.  Contact Youtube Support

If in any case none of the above steps does not work then contact the YouTube support team. This process will help you to resolve the issue very easily. In the below steps, we are discussing how to contact YouTube support.

  • First of all, you need to log into your Youtube account.

How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

  • After that click on the option “Need more help” and click on it.

How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

  • Click on the options that need creator support.
  • Choose the category of your issue and then navigate to email support and click it.
  • Click on the link of “Contact Creator Support team“.

How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

5.  Watching YouTube Video Using SEO

You can observe how can you see the video without using the link. Here we are going to employ an SEO technique to find my YouTube. The below process shows that the method how to watch Youtube video using SEO

  • First of all, you need to go to the search bar and type “ + name Of TheVideo”

How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

  • Google will then search in a way that it can find Download your Best video.
  • You can also see if someone has shared the link on some other social media platform like Facebook. So in the above link rewrite Facebook.

When you find the link you can go to the first method and find your video using an Internet

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