How To Mirror Your Android Screen To Any PC or Mac?

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Screen Mirroring is a way through which you can remotely share one device screen to another display. There are several ways through which you can easily perform screen mirroring Android to PC or Mac. Also, when you are using your android smartphones it might affect your visual experience of maybe watching your favorite movie, videos, etc. In every smartphone, there is an inbuilt feature which is known as a cast screen that helps you to mirror. Also, It saves time and improves working performance and even protects your neck from cervical spondylopathy. So, here is the solution for How To Mirror Your Android Screen To Any PC or Mac? and a list of some applications that will help you out.

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How To Mirror Your Android Screen To Any PC or Mac?


Vysor is the most recommended app for casting which has the quickest method to mirror the android screen on your PC. It helps to provide high-resolution android screen mirroring to sharing android screen wirelessly and click and share screenshots and recordings. Just Download Vysor in your windows, then connect your device to PC via USB cable, go to settings in phone to allow USB debugging prompt and tap on view to start casting your android device on your PC screen.


ApowerMirror is another brilliant application that helps to mirror your Android to PC. This application has some of the best features that you will find in other paid versions in which you can also operate or control your PC with your android. Whereas, you can not only control Android using mouse and keyboard. All you have to do just download it in your PC, enable USB Debugging in developer options, Plug your device to PC via USB and open app and tap start now.


Scrcpy is a second option for all the best screen mirroring software. Whereas, you don’t have to install any application, but only android ADB tools. Also, it is compatible with USB and Wireless android screen mirroring and supports Windows, macOS. If you have any technical knowledge of Terminal, ADB tools, Command-Line, etc. All you have to do is open the terminal, Enter the Homebrew command, then enter the command brew cask install android-platform-tools to install it, again enter the command brew install scrcpy, after plug in your android device and enter the command scrcpy.

AirDroid (Wireless)

AirDroid allows you to share files, read notifications, missed calls and call logs. It is most popular in android screen mirroring apps due to its unique features and smooth synchronization. Also, it allows the mirroring app lets you stream android devices to PC so that you can take screenshots and record. Just download and install the application, then open it and create an AirDroid account and add a device to your account via signing so you can access your android device files.


This app can allow you to mirror form a web browser like Chrome, controlling the device via keyboard/mouse, transferring and viewing files on a PC. Mobizen website helps you to use your android device remotely and much more. Download and install Mobizen mirroring app, Launch the mirroring software on windows and login and Tap on Start now to initialize the remote connection. It is one of the best application when it comes to casting speed and smoothness. Whereas, it doesn’t allow you to control your android device through the wireless option.

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