How to Recover Internal Data from Completely Dead Phone?

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Recover Internal Data from Completely Dead phone – You can use any one of the ways mentioned below to Recover Data from Dead Phone android mobile phone’s internal memory.
Recover Internal Data from Completely Dead Phone

How to Recover Data from Dead Phone via Backup?

Recover Android Data from Google Account

Many of you prefer to back up Android data by using the Google account. The data you can back up with this way includes photos, videos, documents, audio, and more.
However, this way doesn’t give you the chance to select the certain files you want to restore. Besides, you can’t restore a backup from a higher Android version onto a phone that is running a lower Android version.
To recover Android data from a Google account, you just need to add your Google account to a normal working Android device that has been reset and then follow the on-screen steps to finish the operation. At last, all your needed data will be back on your Android phone.

Recover Android Data from PC

If you have transferred your files from Android to PC, dead cell phone data recovery can be much easier. You can just use the backed-up files directly on your computer. Or, you can transfer your needed files to your new phone and use them as normal.

How to Back up Android Phone?

Many situations may cause data loss on your Android phone. To protect your data on the device, you can back up your Android regularly. Then, you can still have a chance to restore your Android data even the phone is physically damaged and the data on it is unrecoverable. There is more than one way to do such a job. In the following content, we will walk you through ways to back up your Android data:

Using Android Data Recovery Tool

When you don’t have any backup of your android data and if your phone becomes dead then you should use powerful and reliable third-party software which can help you to get out of this situation. Android Data Recovery Tool is one of the best software for Android that can help you to get back all your data from the dead phone.

This software is capable to restore every lost data from your android device. This software can recover data from water-damaged android phonerecovers data from BSOD errorrestore data from WSOD error, etc.

Restore from Android Backup

One of the best ways to restore data from a dead phone is by using a backup. If you have created a backup of all your essential data before it gets dead then you can get them back. You should always create a backup on an external device. This is because when such unexpected things happen on your android device, you can restore your crucial data.

Recover Data via SD Card Reader

You can recover data from dead Android phones by extracting saved files from SD Card. So first use the ejector tool to eject the SD Card from your dead Android phone and use SD Card Reader to connect with the PC. When your SD Card gets detected, double click on it and copy the saved files that you want to recover. After that paste those selected files into PC.

How to Back up Android Data via Google Account?

You can back up or recover videos, photos, documents, and settings from your Android phone to your Google Account. Then, you will be able to restore them directly to the original phone or a new device when necessary. You can manually back up your phone at any time. Here, we will show you a common guide. For different brands of phones, the operation may vary.

  1. On your Phone Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to System > Advanced > Backup.
  3. Make sure the Back up to Google Drive option is toggled on and then press the Back up now button to start the backup process.

How to Transfer Android Data to PC via USB?

It is easy to transfer files from an Android phone to a PC via USB cable. Please follow these steps:

  1. Unlock your Android phone.
  2. Connect the phone with your computer with a USB cable.
  3. Tap the USB for a charging notification on your phone.
  4. Select the File Transfer option under Use USB for.
  5. A file transfer window will pop out on your computer. Then, you need to use it to drag files.
  6. After transferring all the needed files to the PC, eject the phone from your computer and then unplug the USB cable.

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