Tips And Tricks To Help You Get More From Your Android Phone

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Smart Phones have taken the world to the next level, but some people don’t know your Android smartphone is capable of a wide variety of things. There are different versions of the software, manufacturer skins layered over that Android core. There is a limitless level of customization you can apply from Google Play or other third-party sources. So here are some Top 10 Tips And Tricks To Help You Get More From Your Android Phone.  Also, check-How To Make Custom Emoji On Your Android Phone How To Protect Your Android Phone From Hijacking? Protect It From Hackers And Intruders

Tips And Tricks To Help You Get More From Your Android Phone

Cast your phone screen to your favorite TV

By using Mirror cast on your phone you can now connect your smart TV with your Android device. This comes in handy if you want to share pictures or videos on your phone to your television. Just go to settings then chose in menu Cast screen in that select your device and your device will be connected. This casting will only possible if you are using smart TV to connect with your smartphone. Either, you can simply download cast applications from app store.

Lock people out of specific apps

As many people don’t know about this, but there’s actually a way with Android devices to hide this with a few button presses so anyone you lend your phone. Using your phone setting, go to a specific app setting, then enable it and you can app any lock septically. After this, you just have to put your apps in that specific by clicking on add or plus button.

Save Web pages as PDF files

Sometimes when you are using chrome it’s easy to find anything on that window. Whereas it can also allow you tom take a screenshot, but if you want to send that format or download it there is no option. Just you have to do is go to your windows menu, select share option and share it via print option then you can save it in PDF format. Also, you can print anything with this option, just connect any printer which has wireless connectivity.

Use a third-party keyboard app

Firstly, Android has this feature for a long time but most people don’t know how to use it. If you want to use your phone by one hand then it’s difficult to type with just one hand. So, Andriod has this feature known as Swype you can also download it from the store to get customize keyword and theme. Open the keyboard of your phone in any chatroom, go to settings, enable swipe and you can able to use it. Whereas it helps keyboard to type anything with just swinging your finger around the letters.

Automatically unlock your phone when you’re at home

Now you can set your automatically unlock when you are at home. If you are using your phone at home it is quite annoying if are chatting with some and your phone gets a lock. It helps to remove this irritation while retaining your privacy when you want it. Simply go to settings, in that chose Security, then enable Trust Agents and set your Smart Lock. Such as when you recognize your face to unlock it, just like that your handset is watching you and it will be there where it needs to be unlocked.


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